Day Five: 10 Favorite Blogs of 2017

where the carcas is there the eagles will be gather. keep the sowing the seeds, as the grass grow the sheep will show up to feed. so when people visit you online or offline and they stay is because you have something to offer

Day 5: 10 Favorite Blogs of 2017

Most of the detail and relevant information we have on the internet, are coming from authority blogs, websites and portals. Uploaded by individual or organization in such industry. Most local content of a tribe, tongue people or nation will be found online through these forms of sites. On this blog post I will talk about my favorite and most visited blogs online this 2017. I have picked insight, and lights. And there seem to me a transfer of skill.


James Altucther.

I’m still trying to figure out how I stumble up it. James’ insight and approach to writing is phenomenal, he uses blog articles, podcast, videos to share his information on business, life, success. Excellence. You can read more on his blog. Here https://jamesaltucher.com/. then these man is a great investor in the business man. He interviews various category of people on his podcast show. One thing I can say clearly, anytime I see emails from him, I click,  open read. I hope to be able to have such effect on my readers someday.

Akin Alabi.

Now this man is a great internet market, what today is known as digital marketing. I have been able to attend his seminar, event in Lagos Nigeria. The founder and CEO of one the most successful betting business in Nigeria, Akin Alabi runs this blog where is talks about small business , how he started, he shares his thoughts on internet marketing, making money online, small business setup, and also about his investment he calls property on the same blog. http://www.akinalabi.com/. Depending on what you looking for in blogs, you might find tested and proven system that is working for fellow Nigerian and startup too.

Simmy ideas.

I also cannot remember how I stumble on his blog, I think it was on Facebook. And I went further and realize he was from same university, studied Engineering, and in the tech and blogging business. I felt I was not alone here. He talks about tech how’s and gadget, from phones to all things digital, I have happen to meet up with Moyo founder and editor, at a blogging event. Hes a great guy, https://simmyideas.com/. And seriously in this business of serving information to web visitors.

Blog tyrant.

This are the blogs I visited and read and build and crash many blogs all just trying to find my voice, this guy is awesomely cool. His brand approach, from the blog name, to the simplicity of teaching new web visitors how to blog If you want to start a blog from scratch, and learning the skill very well I guess you should read his blog,  https://www.blogtyrant.com/. his post received comment like ‘kilode’

Mical Lancaster.

This guy I love how he has created a revolution in the development of the game of basketball when it comes to training, development. Use of know tools in a unique way to get great results. He has a whole lot for players, coaches, and newbie in the game of basketball. You can benefit a lot from this blog. And help others do likewise. https://iamtraining.org/micah-lancaster, this are the websites I stumble upon that fueled my passion to go ahead and make a difference in the junior basket industry in Nigeria, and I’m just doing cool now with that on coachkomi.com, we might one day partner with “I’m possible’ trainers someday.

3 point wisdom.

I love the approach to the blog articles here talking about basketball and life, http://www.3pointwisdom.com/. It share lights on what happens in a game from various perspective of a stakeholders involve, it relates the success, the failure to business and life.


I have attended free and paid seminars on website design, I have read several articles and eBooks, I have visited many video tutorials online, this guy is doing it his own way, and his way he has become exceptional, no one I have met online teaches dishes out fresh , proven content like Deepak. I am currently taken his courses on blogging and digital marketing, online. He runs his coy from India he has over 200,00 people on his Facebook group teaching digital marketing, he is amazing a teacher. http://digitaldeepak.com/.

Peter Dimandis.

This is a founder of Singularity University, he talks about abundance not in wealth and materials but that all men today have the abundant chance to create wealth from themselves. I learnt about his book on abundance which led me to his website, and I read every mail from this guy there are very few people that send you a mail and you read all the time, this guy is another one. He is also a great investor in technology. http://www.diamandis.com/.


Now I have visited this blog almost every other day of the year, I am currently an editor, tried to carve a voice for her, its about digital marketing, website design, freelance digital marketer, and the internet lifestyle. I will be spending a lot of 2018 developing this website and blog into a great resource location online for the Nigerian market, from blogging, to website design, to internet marketing etc. https://hapazo.com/, the name of the site means, to ‘Take it’ by force, hopefully we will take that industry with the force of wisdom in 2018. It will be a Digital Dawn at hapazo.


As I was trying to take an online course on leadership, I was told to also be ready to show case my journey in the leadership terrain, so I was thinking of where I will showcase my community Initiative to youth in sports, basketball to be precise. http://coachkomi.com/. Now this is my brain-child, here I talk about what I do. Teaching basketball, teaching website design, this is where I earn the name of the blog, and it’s a focus on junior NBA, and which is a program fast growing in Nigeria now.  I hope I’m able to be a rebuilder of the bridges and gap so that soon, very soon kids will not have to back date their age, to a sports age so called. By 13 to 14 you will be playing like you are ready for college.

Tyler Moore.

Now this guy is the first of all, he is a great teacher, web developer, business man. I have watch videos tutorial online since 2009 year. And I tell you I have downloaded over 400 videos online as regards internet of things. Tyler is the guy that I learnt WordPress from, he made it insanely simple, I hope I’m able to have the patience to do it for others soon, he has grown his brand to brilliance and excellence  https://www.tyler.com.

Share with me below, how any blog this year has made impact on you or your business.



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