Day One: My Blog Name and Nature

“What is in a name? is there anything significant in the choice of a name? The name of a child, the name of a business,   a blog, a website, and the name of a people, place or thing."

30 Day Blog Challenge

Day 1: My Blog Name and Nature



“Ideas don’t come to us fully formed” Mark Zuckerberg.

“What is in a name?” is there anything significant in the choice of a name? The name of a child, the name of a business,   a blog, a website, and the name of a people, place or thing. How I came about this blog name, “Coachkomi’. My name is Oyekan Oyedeji chances are you know me on the playground, or met online teaching digital enterprise or in university where some people call me Oye’ or Komi or Oyekan…really love the sound of the later, and don’t always get it in the northern Nigeria.

My Blog Name

Also, it might be in Jos where I grew up, and the indigenes could best pronounce and spell as ‘Komi’ you can bet I was so tired of correcting the spelling that I had to adopt it as a name around the hood. The Komi was from the name Oyekanmi, which is not my name but was more popular.

And then younger ones begin to find my gameplay exciting and for the fact that I will choose the weakest among them to play with and ensure we win. They wanted to learn, they wanted me to show them how I do those things they see on TV, and I did show them casually, during games or on the bench, or side line. So they began to call me Coachkomi’ and I actually like the sound of that, it was music in my ears, and at the same time didn’t want it because I was not a certified coach, as I tried to stop them, it went viral.

At the same time I was building websites and blogs and doing digital enterprise awareness everywhere I went, was already having a website where I train on digital skills hapazo.com. And I wanted to build a platform for a way to store and share my journey as an uncertified leader in sports. So I taught, since I am known as Coachkomi, I decided to go with it.

1.       It has a niche name attached to it

2.       It has been known in the offline already.

3.       It was sweet to hear,

4.       It was easy to pronounce

5.       It did not always pass the spelling test ‘Komi’ is sometimes spelt as ‘comi’or ‘comy’.

Coachkomi.com as I checked it on namecheap.com for registration, it was available, so I “Hapazo It” meaning I took it.

My Blog Nature

Where there is no vision” there will be chaos, confusion, I started this blog to show case my work as I journey in the part of leadership- guiding and helping others with lifestyle and skills from my experiences what has work for me or not. To also use my talent for the game to teach what we go to seminars, schools to learn all on the playground. So you will be reading a lot about how I ‘think contribution”, and how it is bringing me money, and means, and materials, and man power, and even methodologies, and men. How we work with young people and then connect to great men.

Most of my works presently are focused on what I can do immediately I realize my purpose, which is sports and IT. And to narrow down deeper is to focus on digital enterprise, and basketball, narrowing deeper is a focus on building websites and blogs for small and large company, and also jrNBA. Now this jrnba thing is very dear to my heart and this blog. Because I want to cover the gap before kids reach age 14, they are already use to the fundamentals of the game.

So then on this blog you will be getting a lot of showcase of what I do when I “think contribution” on my next post I will be talking about my 20 favorites something’ so if you want to ready this articles for the next 30 days of this year 2107, you can drop your active email and I will send you one.

My Readings

I am currently reading two books simultaneously;

1.       “Success buttons” By Dr Oyedepo.

2.       “As a man thinketh” by James Allen.

This is blogging for the love of life, you will learn how to start a dynamic blog on low budget and many other things in life skills. So you also can go ahead Start something, Study something, Share something, Sell something of value, Show something. And you can leave your comment  below on what you would write about in 30 days maybe i could share my thoughts on that  too



Oyekan Oyedeji

Aka Coachkomi.


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