Affiliate Marketing: How To Find Quality Offers

Affiliate Marketing: How To Find Quality Offers


I’m going to discuss how to find quality affiliate offers to promote.  The first  part  to  realize  is  that  big,  well  known  retailers  online  have  affiliate programs.  It  is  very  easy  for  you  to  tap  into  what  they  offer.  They have good marketing systems in place.  That is why they are highly successful and large companies. That gives you the chance to be promoting for such businesses.

Typically,  in  the  footer  of  the  website  you  will  find  if  they  have  an affiliate program.  For example Amazon.com has a button that says Join associates  program.  Each  of  them  has  a  different  way  to  state  it  and  to promote it. Find that and you can be part of using that platform. Find the big name retailers and become part of their affiliate programs. Promote at stores you shop at or services that you use. This makes it very easy to promote them. Maybe you are big into shoes and you can go with many of the online shoe companies you have used. You can become and affiliate and promote for them and you have already used their products.


Maybe  you  have  read  lots  of  e-books  and  you  have  found  a  solution  for something you or your family suffered from. Find a vendor that offers that service or product and you can promote it as an affiliate. Look at ailments that you can have a passion for in solutions so that you can help to share that.  You  don’t  have  to  be  completely  passionate  about  a  market.  The money will follow where it makes sense. If  you  love  sports,  you  can  promote  licensed  apparel  or  ticket  solutions. That  may be a good interest for you that is also a profitable niche market.

You  don’t  have  to  be  passionate  about  it  though  to  make  income.  Large affiliate networks can connect you with plenty of offers.  Click bank for example has tons of digital products. Keep in mind that there are different types of offers.  There are traditional  commission  offers  where  you  earn  a  percentage  of  each  sale. There  are  also  Cost  Per  Action  (CPA)  offers  where  you  get  paid  a  set amount.

You can also get paid based on leads, zip code submissions, or the number of email addresses submitted. You will find those within various affiliate networks.

There are some popular affiliate marketing networks to check out.  Some of them that are really good are:

  1. cj.com.
  2. shareasell.com
  3. clickbank.com
  4. jvzoo.com
  5. peerfly.com
  6. maxbounty.com
  7. cpaway.com
  8. pointclicktrack.com
  9. affiliatebot.com

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