Bingham Basketball Association aka Bingham Pacers

It was way back in 2106 November/December, the dry season in Nigeria. it was my first stop in Abuja axis, a vile-like area before Goshen, winners chapel. suburb of Abuja.

i moved from there to oversea a clients job. so after work i love to play, in the search for a play ground i found Bingham, and learnt students are on holiday, so playing is not very common place.

later learnt they do not have a coach.

fast forward to 2017 May ?June as  we were preparing for the summer and looking into how i can influence young minds with my talents, and skills in blogging and basketball.

One of my students Miracle, she told me about Bingham needing a coach and connects me to the captain.. in person of Mr Tersoo a year four student of Economics.

My first day on the playground, came with two balls and cones played full court with them, them reside to the side line to make corrections, you will always find early adopters,  and critics every where,


i had my share of them and above all lovers were more than haters on a high percentage. i have been rendering volunteering services in training, coaching and officiating their games,

to be continued

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