Day Fifteen: Coachkomi’s 7 Steps to Shooting Like a pro- BEEF Fundamentals.

"if you want to shoot, shoot at the stars, if you miss you might just land on the moon" les brown

“doing the basics, better” Coachk.
Coach Komi’s 7 steps to shooting like a pro-the BEEF fundamentals.”
“if you want to shoot, shoot at the stars, if you miss you might just land on the moon” les brown

Self direction means you personally select or choose a definite goal, and you focus all your and motivation to…

The whole esence of the game of basketball is to have fun scoring, and then to a point of wininig, say by 1 point within a second or so. there has always been a fundamental way of teaching to shoot the basketball

Coachkomi is not here to change or re-invent th ewheel’, no. during my training and the transfer of this skill to kids between age 8 to 15, i discovered, all the science of balance, Eyes to the rim, Elbow at 90 degree, follow through fingers, was a cumbersome thing to memorise.

And thee and then i broke it tinto 7 steps so you wont have to focus on the science of shooting and the reason why you pose that way. its like demystifying or making simple the shooting form.

Coach Komi’s 7 steps to shooting like a Pro:

here we go;
BALANCE- steps 1 to 4, this is where your strennght of shot comes from
EYES- 1 step
ELBOW 1 step

Balance in life style and basketball is basic in achieving any goals, so it s important you find abalnce approach to life.
th efeet should be balance
step 1 stand at attention with both feeet close and facing the basket

Step two
stand at ease with the widenss of your shoulders apart

Step 3
step the dominant foot forward (if you are righthanded shooter, step right foot forward, if you use the left hand dominantly, step left foot forward), facing the basketball rim. let the dominant feet be a little ahead halfway out.

step 4
sit down mid air with knees bend at angle 45, back straight , lean forward, with the dominant foot pointing toward the rim.
this is the summation of BALANCE

Step 5

EYES- “eyes that see are plenty, eyes that look are few”. “look beyond what you see” timon from lion king.
with your balance still in place focus your eyes, direct your attention on th ebasketball rim either use the outer cirlce or the inner as a target whre you want the ball to get into.

As i teach this things i notice many books teach the eyes before the elbow, i will prefer to let my kids square the elnow to the rim along from the balcne feet before eyes on the target.

Step 6

this is giivng your shot the precision it need to getting into the rim. your elbow should be alighned with the dominant foot, positin at angle 90 to the floor, with your palm parrel to your muscle, finges sprea as though you carrying a plate of your best dish, all direcred to the rim.

step 7
follow through . if there is ever a reason you will score a cleanShot ( swiss shot) with it touching the rim this si the principle that make s it happen. here the elbow is push upwards untill it is completely stretched and the palms move forward with the wrist and finger directing the ball into the rim.

simultaneously, and at the same time the feet (hop) the knees elbows all stretched up for a clean shot.

Self direction in life style

Every life is created to be great, you are unique in talent, gifts, and potential, we might all learn the same thing, choose similar profession, yet its our individuality that makes all the difference.

we all own the responsibitlity to activate the greatness with us all. jack of all trade is a master of none, a single minded man moves faster. be a good student at what ever you do for career or business. focus all your talent, gift and potential on it.

acquire know- how in that industry, give your self to knowing this things like the sea allows the water to cover her.

Playing basket! be a good student of the game. want to become a doctor? be a good student beyond the lecture halls, read, think ask why? do it

“Purpose is never late”. you can be a king at 8 years or at 80 years, a dream marks the turning point in every life. miracles begin in the mind

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