Day Two: My Daily Routine

"the opening of books is the opening of doors" i am nothing, except that i am learning from others through book. this is where we meet great minds"

Day 2: My Daily Routine

Now this is a tough one. Not that I am very, very consistent on these things, truth be told. Yet I find out that it has become a second nature to me, over time. So I list them as my routine activities that edge towards my purpose, goals, and business and life. Most of the under listed I do every day, some of them I do every other day. And one way it has shape my work and life, this far.

  1. Reading Books. Someone said “the opening of books, is the opening of doors”. I read certain books daily, like the Bible, either full text or quote. Yea I have missed a couple of days over the years which makes it fall under every other day routine too. I read a good book either on basketball, I can mention a few personalities I have read ; Abraham  Lincoln, Dr David Oyedepo, William Kumuyi, Richard Branson, James Allen, John Mason, Robert green to mention a few.


  1. Watching Videos. I watch videos a lot and they are mostly tutorials on basketball, on blogging, digital marketing, making money online, motivation, I hardly watch sermon videos, I prefer to read anointed books. Holy wood is not a priority because once I have movies on my system, it’s a distraction for me, I watch movies from tech founders, epics, musicals. These is not daily.


  1. Thinking on paper I have learnt this principles from great men dead and alive, if fact if I’m not writing what I want to do, I will be writing what I’m trying to create on the back of a calendar paper. I write and think on paper. It helps me visualize what I’m thinking.


  1. Teaching. This is becoming an everyday thing from teaching how to register a domain name to blogging to website design, to fundamental basketball, teaching has become a beautiful thing for me. And I am really learning the art. Its one thing to know, and another thing entirely to pass it to another till they understand. No be beans’ I salute the teachers and educationist, they actually affect t destinies to eternity, they inspire. I have been inspired by great teachers.


  1. Documentation now this is a new habit because of some project I’m running in basketball, and digital enterprise I must document by writing, notes, take pictures, and send mails, emails is a part of my life now.


  1. Singing is a part of me now, from the waking eye, I sing a song, a praise, thankful song, to all kinds of sound that I like.

  1. Travelling on other day. My work has become outdoors, if I’m not blogging, I’m teaching basketball, or going to supervise a building project, or going to church, or going to watch a game, from one end of Abuja to another, on a bike or cab. I should soon catch trains to another city.


  1. Blogging, if I’m not editing a new blog, I’m building one, or I’m writing one. I presently run on blog and a website, hapazo.com , and coachkomi.com, I had stop my music blog maybe I will continue tomorrow, or no. it takes time, effort, energy to maintain manage just one blog, its hard work, that requires smartness.


  1. Reading Blogs. . I read about digital media, and entrepreneurship. I read blog post from James Alcuther, Peter Dimandis, Blog Tyrant, AkinAlabi, Deepak, and so on.


There is still more I guess I need to sit down think deeply, let me read your comments below, how your routine is. Most importantly our routine should revolve around the goals, and dreams and mission we have set our hearts to pursue. We should be taking steps daily towards our ultimate purpose and vision of what we want to achieve.


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