Day Eight: My Thoughts on Education

We are in the knowledge economy. And it’s very important if we must be relevant in any industry, specialization, competence is the minimum requirement.

Day Eight: My Thoughts on Education


“The future belongs to the competent” Brain Tracy

We are in the knowledge economy. And it’s very important if we must be relevant in any industry, specialization, competence is the minimum requirement.

  • Internet: A blessing and a curse; choose what you want.

We are the generation that is enjoying easy access to knowledge, in formation via the internet- a great blessing. Now we lack the discipline to focus on a particular thing to be the very best- this I s a curse. So we need more of discipline and focus to be able to harness the benefits of this access to information which is power


Education has gone beyond a location now, we do not need to travel to access degrees from the best of schools, we can get informed from the comforts of our homes, and have fun doing it

Education in relation to skills. These days there are over thousands of video tutorials on the internet on how to do almost everything and anything within a short period of time.

We humans tend to feast on one another’s ignorance, meaning the next man is in business because he has access to that kind of information before me or he has developed imself in that field and has results I want, I pay for his services

There is no particularly a doll child so to say, we have each person who ability in mathematical is higher than the other in music, verbal intelligence can be very sharp and easy for one. So we all have potential. We all have several abilities. We need to discover where our strength lies and develop it more because I think it is in that place our star will shine the brighter and faster. We can develop other ability were we are not naturally strong and become great, yet diligence on a gift will shine brighter.

Primary education. We need to gt it right at this stage. We need to imbibe into those tender minds morals, ethics, culture we have as a people so we don’t allow just copy and paste from other cultures, respect, value, self-awareness at this stage, self-confidence. We should let children speak up

Secondary education. There is a whole lot here, discipline is needed in this stage, routine. Young people need to form habits, reading habits, speaking habits, playing habits energy need to be burn. This is puberty zone. A lot of images going on in the mind self-awareness, body changes and chemistry.

Tertiary education. Thee is a need for professional I this nation so we need to encourage high schoolers to dream big, aspire high.

Specialization. This is the future as technology I becoming more user friendly, life is becoming faster, the need to know and know fast and know well is so needed today. It was brian tracy who said “the future belongs to the competent

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