Day Seventeen: My Life’s Philosophy.What Is Yours?

Each day I do, a golden deed, by helping those who are in need my life on Earth is just a span, and so I'll do it he best I can"

Each day I do, a golden deed, by helping those who are in need my life on Earth is just a span, and so I’ll do it he best I can”

‘Think Contribution’

Anywhere I go I try to look at what I can ADD from what I have, in skills, ideas, access o information, creativity, cash and kind too.

I love to write,

Writing for me is therapeutic. I tend to calm down, be patient, be thoughtful when I begin to write. I like to think on paper like Dr Oyedepo will say, so I use the back of a past calendar to help my self.


The opening of books is the opening of doors. I like to show respect to elders, and peers by reading books, asides other aids of learning, reading is one I use daily since I discovered words are ‘seeds’ so if I have good words of what I desire I let them germinate within my fertile mind.


Dueto the nature of my work with young people, i dont just speak, I sport also. I play ball with them. I also play alone. Learning news skills on the playground or interpret a drill before training session, while I still can.

You never know what will work for others that had work for you, I believe in the idea that everyone can make a change, a start, and so I want to also let people give something a try, a skill, a drill on the playground, anything new seems difficult.


Good and healthy ones are not to be compare to gold or silver, na not even the rise of Bitcoin. Respect for others point of view, ideas and ways of approach. Giving others their space, will bring you good money, good mighty men along your way. It’s happening to me every other day here.in other words love can bring money and good things your way.


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