Day Sixteen: 10 Things I want to be Doing in the Next 5 Years

"and whatever I want to get better at, if I focus alittle bit each day. I will be the best"

Day Sixteen: 10 Things I want to be Doing in the Next 5 Years.




Website Design.

For over 5 years I have been learning and using WordPress to build websites, blogs, online shops for small business in Nigeria. Almost all business today and tomorrow will need a website, ro showcase or sell, a site they can setup easily and maintain without too much technicalities. WordPress is one of the leading (CMS) content management system out there that is user friendly. So I will sit my self on solving problems in that niche, acquire more skills, till I am among the most relevant in that industry in my community and to the globe.


I made a post of recent on a WhatsApp group where  I was suddenly added without permit. The post was about blogging, digital marketing, and taking the course online, and I got some hot attacks about it. Alot of us still don’t know that majority of the information we read or get as resources where added up, uploaded by a webmaster or a blogger or a researcher. And people will always go online daily, so I want to position my self, by uploading pure original content on the areas of my specialty…sports and Information tech over the next 5 years. To solve problems create products and services in that industry, and more. What do you want to do.” Think contribution”

Digital Marketing

This has become a major apsect of Marketing all over the world, some 10 years before now we don’t have this as a subject or job qualification in the higher learning, and the business world, and today, we have a need for this niche, I want to position my self as the go-to-guy when it comes to making impact and income as a brand on the internet.i think I can do it. I sure will.

Social Media Influence

Alot of young minds in Nigeria, are going online, want to post my self a s a leader to guide and help them decide path in the areas of their potential, as this generation is bless with information over load there is a need to choose “specialty,” the future belongs to the competent” Brian Tracy


I intend to continue to coach Basketball to young minds online an offline on the playground around me, more of a trainer-coach, ” doing the basics, better” and coaching DigitalEntreprise too. This two things I want to focus on as a tool to reach the young and youthful. And the small business around.

Public Speaking

Will be doing alot of public speaking in the DigitalEntreprise business, seminars and workshops too. As a way to inspire, ginger creativity, revealing what’s obtainable, and more. Mostly from what I have learnt, what is working for me ,as I apply myself.


I want to really write minimum 1500 words daily for the next 5 years. I hope am able to add more daily, I want to see what I will become with words, what I will be able to create with the harmony of my hand, heart and head. I’m not even very confident writing this declaration because presently I write less than 1000 word for just 17 days. Well I have made it public, hope I charge it.


In the process of harnessing my potential, and a heart for work I discovered I could use my image nation too. I had to lie low about so I could choose a career path while I was working in the engineering few years ago. So I will pick this up as a hobby again on my weekends for the next 5 years if God permits.


I have a thing for songs, they make me flow. They make me feel like I can fly, when I sing and listen. I might just join the choir and render my voice to the people of God’s Church for the next 5 years, and who knows, I  might revive my music Blog, mapolongo.com. and just help wannabie artiste broadcast their songs, and who know make some money, alot of impact, and …



  1. Here’s to a friend, teacher,brother . you are amazing and honestly u have inspired me again ,as uve always done.
    Nice .

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