Day Twelve: Top 17 Must Have Life Skills Before Age 17

'As you lay your bed' from thoughts which are simply images on our minds eye, to words, to actions,to characters, to habits, to lifestyle, to destiny.

1. How to make a bed.

2. How to read.

3. How to Pray.

4. How to make A meal.

5. How to say ‘NO’ and feel good about.

6. How to show respect for the game you love and the people.

7. How to be security aware,the phone numbers you should know.

8. Under wears: Private is private.

9. All about wash, body laundry.

10. Asus..budgeting and savings.

11. Dressing to be Addressed: How to for occasion.

12. Know Your Uncle:everybody is not your relation period.

13. How to dream big.

14. How to read a book.

15. How to write.

16. How to think.

17. How to speak up.

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