Day Twenty-five: 10 Reasons Why Every Day Should Be Christmas

 10 Reasons Why Every Day Is Be Christmas



There is a dawn after twilight, and dawn, on a Christmas day, where all lamps and lights are switching for the events of the day, a thorough creaming of all ingredients on the planned day, the body awakes early, not lag in bed whether cold or heat, hammathan or rain. Off to church, heart on sermon,  eyes on the clocks. Tick-tock. Let every day of my 80 years to come be thoughtful like this. A day to look forward to


The sun will always shine, and the events on this day is rolling, check list is half way done. Munching, and ‘chopping’ is on a formula 1 circus.we are all engrossed, eating and selfies, and merry and everyone is greeting someone. Let my 201i be a noon day of events unfolding as I imagined, and all new stuff springing up like water desert.


Dry and dark and dusty weather, approaches, handshake, good byes, reflection, THROWBACK into day. all is well, we had fun, connect, smiled all the way.


I don’t want to talk about this, we all post the food we ate, everyone seem to be eating , and drinking, chicken, goat, cow, dogs, pigs, fish all knew they will be going to the slaughter, and this is the very day all men exercise their dominance,on creatures, food for the belly, belly for food- destruction awaits both either way.


A good appearance is a letter of recommendation





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