Day Twenty One: Would You Allow Your Teenagers to Start Blogging In 2018

Is social media the friend your mother always warned you about?

Would You Allow Your Teenagers to Start Blogging In 2018

Would you allow your  13 year old to start a blog? what is blogging? what is the right or wrong age for young people on social media. who is a teenager?

Is it okay for a 13 year old to own a social media account, in our country? what is wrong with a teenager sharing his or her poems,songs and stories to readers online, using a blog.

Skill sets

their is a kind of skill set a teenager will be building that will be very helpful in the development of the young person career through blogging- entrepreneurship, reading, thinking on paper, writing, registering domain names, hosting, responding positively to people, handling complaints, self expression, self esteem, development of potential, html, CSS, taking photos, graphic design, research, documentation, web analyst, and many more, these skills cut across various fields of endeavor.

Boost self esteem

Blogging could assist a young mind to see how people will react to her stories,short videos, novels, photography skills, and it will go a long way to boost morale, and encourage the person to know someone is thinking alike.

Helps teens with disabilities interact at the same level with others.

when a young person begins to receive positive vibes, words from the internet it help confidence.


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