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5 Tips On How To Register Your Best Domain Name

What is in a name? A good name is better than silver and gold. Which will you give more? your Bank account? or Your Brand? what will you be known for online. should i use my full name or my Pen name or my what? Your domain name online is your identity, your address. and there are no fast rule about your names online.Create a  name for your personal and professional brand.

You can even decide to register your full name i.e, or a brand name like, it all depends on you.As a note, you want to be very simple, easy to remembered online because the attention plan of people using the internet is very slim, so you will need to put your visitors and prospect in mind when launching gout

  1. Simple– simple is key, design and creativity is very effective when things are simplified, you can decide to walk with syllables, words not more than 10 characters, just be simple
  2. Short– i already made the point its important your name is easily remembered
  3. Industry Related– try to look for a key word that you can use in the name related to your industry, i.e I’m in the tech industry and i used
  4. Domain Extension– i.e .com .org .net all these represent some information about your name. the most popular is the .com- commercial and .org- organization.
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