Day Thirteen: Jerome Williams and Power Forward 300 BasketBall Players

  1. It does not really count who you coach, or where you coach as much as the WHY you coach or lead, to this energetic, spirited, enthusiastic, charismatic son of man, former NBA player Jerome Williams,  aka junkyard dog who played for teams like the Detroit Pistons, Toronto Raptors, Chicago Bulls and New York Knicks during his nine-year tenure, in the NBA was with PowerForward 300′ student players on a quick intro to  the fundamentals of basketball, also saying the same thing like coach K, “doing the basics,better.”

He actually inspire young people to play the game they love, get good education beyond secondary, and have fun doing it.

He was also at the IDP camp kuchigoro Abuja Nigeria, to inspire young kids to live life fully not minding the  displacement. And he creamed his session with a quick introduction to basketball with a spice of his junkyard-dog tune.

Power forward is a program that is powered by ExxonMobil, NBA, and Africare to teach young students Life skills, Public health, Developmental literacy all on the basketball court which I refer to as a Playground Classes.

Above are a few coaches male and female from PowerForward 24′ also is a gender equality training the programme give to young people.

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