5 Critical Tips to Beat your Defender off the Catch

In this video, NBA trainer Don Kelbick discusses five tips that help your defender off the catch.

These tips will get you more open jump shots and more lay ups.



1 – Think Shot

If you aren’t a threat to shoot the basketball, the defense has no reason to closely guard you. Thus, making it hard to beat the defense and score.

So when you catch it, always “Think Shot.”


2 – Rip Below Knees

Ripping below the knees helps you keep the ball from the reaches of a defender, so they don’t steal the ball from you.

It also gives you momentum to explode by and beat the defender.


3 – Hips Down

Dropping your hips puts you in a stronger, balanced position, so you’re not easily knocked off your path. This allows you to be faster by attacking in straight lines.

It also puts you in a position to produce more force, so you can accelerate by the defense.


4 – Shoulders Below The Defender’s Hips

Like the tip above, this puts you in a position that helps you explode forward past the defense.


5 – Attack Past Defender

You want to get the dribble past the defender, so you can pin the defender on your backside. Once you have the defender there, you own them.


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