Day Eighteen: My Top 10 Basketball Players Of All Time

My Top 10 Basketball Players Of All Time



Michael Jordan.

“in a game of stars, in a league of stars , you are a star among stars”

Magic Johnson

when it comes to passing, no look pass, creating space- there is no other than magic J


this guy could float like hang time, I like his dominance in the game too

Rondo –

I like his drives to the rim mess with the mind of opponent along the runway to the rim

Paul Pierce.

His dexterity for winning, force his game face you cannot really pierce through it

Allen Iverson.

The master of ball handles, he brought in what was thought as ;the street game and spice it into the rules of professional basketball, small but might, I like his mindset about the game too

Shawn kemp.

Dominance, rebounds intimidating the opponent

LeBron James.

He is a King, there a shooters, drivers, rebounders there are players, there is LeBron exceptional’ nothing like leaving home making impact and income away from home, coming back home like the prodigal’ yet becoming a King even at home. King at home and away.

Scottie Pippen.

When you have a star so bright and you have the confidence that you will make you star also shine, I love the combo of MJ and Pippen, it was always a game winner

Charles Barkley.

Another star among stars, blocking a team of players 3 times in a row who does that. You could see fire in the eyes when they played for the love of the game

Kobe Bryant.

I like the way Kobe grew up in the game, selfish player, and winner. Like a one-man army, had to walk with Shaq, had to win with the team, and sign his name among league of extra ordinary stars


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