Day Six: Top 10 Thanks of Fullness for 2017.

there is nothing a man has that it was not given to him, even so called self made men, either the universe or unknown places brought them the things they desire in their heart,

Day 6 Top 10 Thanks of Fullness for 2017.

For Vitality.

That I am able to lead young people in the game of basketball, reading, thinking, writing, teaching, demonstrating step by step skills. And yet ready to do more, I am most grateful to God. I found it amusing when the kids see that they can actually do this things they watch on the media. It’s like fire in their bone, light in their eyes, you finds ask you, ‘coach why you are not playing’. And I say I’m going to teach you so you can do it for a very long time. If you do what you love, or you love what you do. You will never have to work a day in your life. Love or passion is the most motivating force ever. For vitality, vigor, strength, health, wellness lord I am grateful.

For Value Added.

I have been opportune to add value to my immediate home base community youth, business community youth, and higher institution community. I have not gone too far from what im doing. Organize community initiative, within a military community for her young and youthful. A university community for just 5 days and it’s like the law of attraction or the universe brought us together. In 3 different location within the FCT, Abuja Nigeria. The authority are Excited, the youth are Empowered and the volunteer is Edified. This is what happens when you think contribution. It will come to a level that even the system herself cannot stop you. Because when lives are been impacted, parents are happy my child is learning something good, beyond basketball on the playground Classroom. This is your testimonial. For all that this young people see and like and praise- All glory to God most high.

For Virtue

I have received a lot this year, from knowledge, skill, to endowment, to rewards, to things worthy of praise, met people small and great, being to bush market, and to Aso Villa, received smiles , gave a lot of it back. Dissolve friendships, made new ones. Virtues good things have come from all this. Patience while waiting for the system to work. Imagine living in a place with inverter, electricity, and generator. Then suddenly you relocate. Only to have access to 2 hours generation light’ daily since January.

For Wisdom.

I might not be ‘Solomon King’, yet it is a ‘wiseness’ to apply the knowledge you understand. Even the understanding, we are given access to it. This year I have used the knowledge I acquired not from formal education to start a brand of leadership, both in the digital enterprise and sports domain. I have been paid for doing it this year, I have praise for doing it this year, I have been promoted for doing it this year. I ca only be grateful.  And I am.

For Safety, and security.

You live in an estate and there next two building are carcass’ meaning uncompleted. You don’t know what is moving whether a scorpion or rat or man, yet you sleep like a baby, sometimes you sleep and dream not. You travelled the city of Abuja running to and from from car to bike to cabs several kilometers in and out this year, and “ he bears you up with wings as eagles” so as not to “dash my foot against a stone”, never fall, never crashed, in the sun, in the dark, in the valley estate, by the streamside on a long walk back home. While men slept’. For this I am thank fully.






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