Day Twenty: Top 17 Lessons from Coaching Business in 2017

“If you are early, you are on time, if you are on time you are late”. When a meeting is slated for 9 Am, to show up at 9 Am means you are on time,so you are late.

 Top 17 Lessons from Coaching Business in 2017


Lesson 1.

“If you are early, you are on time, if you are on time you are late”. When a meeting is slated for 9 Am, to show up at 9 Am means you are on time, so you are late. This is so powerful for punctuality on the playground and meetings, and when you tell the cohorts the same thing, then you had better not be on time because they will sure remind you.

Lesson 2.

‘A coach is not just a sports coach, he is a mentor, a leader, an example, a listener’. Kids will tell you a lot, you need to process it, and they trust you. You cannot fall their hands, yet you have to proffer solution to the best of a stakeholder’s interest including the cohorts

Lesson 3.

‘ the thorough teaching of the game of basketball is life skills transfer in itself’ its like teaching young minds how to be fellow employees, how to work in a system to achieve the common goal, how each takes responsibility and so on’.

Lesson 4.

Young minds want to have fun while keeping the rules, want to be free, want to compete, don’t mind loosing, so long you still believe in them’.

Lesson 5.

‘Young minds think they want to impress you- parent, coach, leader, and actually they want to impress themselves’.

Lesson 6.

Young people can lose a game, and the next, and keep on trying so long they think, and see that their leaders believe in them. So coach even if you think they will not win act as though they will, for acting and thinking follow each other’.

Lesson 7.

Documentation, data, goal setting, you cannot be a successful coach on this phenomenal youth development program with sitting your ass down to learn how to do this things, once you are on the program, you become a ‘programmer’.

Lesson 8.

On this holistic program, “whatsoever he tells you to do, just do it’ whether he is an email, or the officer in charge, or the Manager. Just get things done period. Why? Because a deal is a deal, that is why.

Lesson 9.

“Little is much when God is in it.” So is God in power forward? You tell me, ‘if he that serves Humanity is serving God, and you wait on 30 cohorts, every  8 days of a month, for 11 months of a year, what other services will I want to render. ‘A teacher affects eternity’.

Lesson 10.

One Win. There is a tremendous force in winning your first game, a force so full of glory, the glory of winning your 1st game ever, you feel you can do anything, you feel like you can win all of life to your side, it’s a taste of stardom, I mean The first win after so many losses. You are free- free like a bird release from a cage to fly. It’s the beginning of all flying.

Lesson 11.

As long as it’s your appointed place, location has little to do with your excellence in life and business. ‘It’s not always where or who you coach, but why do you coach’. We are always thinking the grass is greener on the other side of the state, and then you receive calls from friends and fans wanting to come and do business in your own community. I try to see where I am now as my appointed place for now till the “wind blows me to the next place, so I work out to make impact before the north wind rains down showers of blessings.

Lesson 12.

“Responsibility is the price of greatness” take it. Take initiative, something will not always go as planned. Think create, improvise. Take the lead because it’s exactly what you signed up. Somethings will not always go as planned. Man is short when it comes to wisdom. And let him that lacks it ask. The horse is prepared against the day of battle, yet the safety of the horse, a horse man is from the Lord of the Universe.

Lesson 13.

Imagination is the beginning of all creation, and as a coach, had to think thoughts of good responses from the kids, hoping they will grab, comprehend what I’m saying. We had to think that ‘if we could just win a game after several years o flossing. I had to imagine that all will be well, learning on the playground under the heat of the noon day. Youth leaders must see the end from the beginning, and paint it vividly. Now are imagination are so pure for the coming years. We are expecting to spring up like water in a desert. The impossible.

Lesson 14.

Learnt to work as a team, coaches and assistants- and I am blessed with the best one Ocheibi Victor, also a great player. Coaches and cohorts and im also bless with natures finest young and youthful hearts, they feel they can play any team. And I think so too. Coaches and officers, I have great ones who love everything about what they are doing? Coaches and stakeholders, do my part try to watch my fellow coaches back, “who’s got your back? I got your back.” See no evil say no evil periods, we are not perfect yet, we are called and walking towards perfection, even a man of GOD is still a MAN. I am most bless with a team of men who love what they do, we didn’t have to work another day.

Ocheibi Victor and Oyekan Oyedeji at the power forward finals National Stadium

Lesson 15.

Adaptation just as my cohorts had to adapt and adjust to the changes they face on the playground that is away from home playground. Coaching a residential community of kids is very different from a secondary school community, and entirely different from a university community. Bottom line is all are young all are players all want to learn and win. Running your own private initiative is very different working with power forward, a lot of bureaucracy, due process, protocols, and documentation, and data collection knowing what works and what is not. It’s a great learning day for me. Well-done Power Forward.

Lesson 16.

A need for balance in all things, “let your moderation be known unto men, the lord is at hand. Learning to find the divide, or thin line in coaching, mentoring, been a business partner, lover, friend and so on. And there is a time to do as others wish, and there is a time to refuse. You are the one that will figure out the times, as do i. there is a time for a capital NO, so as to evade a capital SIN.

Lesson 17.

What next? After every session, every week, every month, after every community initiative, I look ahead for the next one, and as I get closer, the burden seems heavier on my shoulder. And then it comes out excellent.  I ask what’s next. Now 2018 is coming in and I know what next will be new things, all will be new, new approach, new strategy, new ideas, freshness like the morning dew.

You sure have learnt what to do or what not to do this year you can share your thoughts below.

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