TOT: Smart Work Vs Hard Work

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Hi friends,

There is a school of thought going around, telling my young lads they should focus on smart work., not hard work and that goes further to demystify smartness of work- less hours, less energy, less skill.

I believe in work as a blessing from God and a channel of worth and wealth. I agree with the smart work idea so long it precede and not exclude “hardness as a good soldier.”

Technology cannot take the place of hard work, i am a tech ‘evangel’, yet its suppose to enhance, catalyze make works better, faster etc.

model and oranges

Whether it is Ministry or Menial job. whether Education or Enterprise.

So when so-called gurus come around to talk to youth. Smart work is planning and programming, and hard work is doing work with your Blood and Brain and Body and Bones.

“The harder i work, the luckier i get.” Lincoln.

“Whatsoever thy hand finds to do, do it, with all thy might” King Solomon.

“You cannot be Committed and not be Creative, you cannot be Creative and not be Productive, you cannot be Productive and not be Successful, you cannot be Outstandingly Successful and not be Impactful.” Dr Oyedepo.

TOT means thoughts about thought.

to be continue…


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