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My 10 Most Embarrassing Moments

"You are your only competition, so compare yourself to who you were yesterday".

My 10 Most Embarrassing Moments


“You are your only competition, so compare yourself to who you were yesterday”.

There are moments, and there are times in life we feel awkward, and shame, and we not proud of our actions or peoples reaction to us. Nonetheless those times will always be. I have listed below 1o most embarrassing moment I can readily lay my thought on now. Actually this article topic was sent to me by James Alcuther. This man is phenomenal, he is one of a kind, his insights, inspires. His ideas and perspective to this are in the class of excellence. I doubt if it’s up to a year that I stumble upon his blog, I read his mails, so I ask how do I learn writing like him, and he sent me a reply, since 3 month now I wrote and dump it.

Moment # 1

I am so ashamed of myself that someone will take his time to guide me in the skill I desire, and yet I would not submit, my homework. Even when I finished the article, I was not confident of the excuse I will have to give for this long delay. I was also not sure you will still want to give more writing ideas as I have been a lazy-bone. James Alcuther, I apologies

Moment #2.

The very day I when I came of age, and my parents told me I once sat on a burning stove. Now I still cannot grasp that into my head. It burnt me they said but I survived anyway, and don’t even ask me what’s the color now.


Moment # 3

On this unforgettable day I took a journey from the southwest of Nigeria into the north, precisely from Lagos to Minna, Niger State, only to reach half, I began to purge. This was a public transport with not less than 8 to 10 passengers. It was so hot-poo-poo that I had to tell the driver I wanted to ease myself, on two different occasion. What will you do I did praying ate garri (cassava flour), bread, and I think got to the nearest pharmacy or so. And it stopped, I always watch what I eat before a journey since then.

Moment # 4

I am laughing at myself as I write this one, way back between 1988 to 1989, I was sent to boarding secondary school in Plateau state. With all kinds of provision a new intake should have. And then my dad drove down crossing over 3 local government, just to come and pick me up. Only to find out that within my travelling box is a bunch of broom, and that’s all. No books, no balls, no biro (pen), no books, no nothing. He was furious with me and my brother. Yea and that was the last time we saw that school. It was not a good thing then, now I laugh and learn.

Moment # 5.

What is the reward for taking that which is not yours in a boarding house? What is the consequence rather eating up your senior student launch meal? Barrack drills, frog jump was it. The type that you stand up and you cannot move your legs again, it was serve me and one of my roommate. We actually ate up spoon by spoon, without each other knowing hostel seniors meal, I think it was rice and beans, and ‘egusi soup’. Large quantity poured in a paint bucket bowl, we were punished, and it was also the last time. I hate pain. So I will do right to stay away.

Moment # 6.

Imagine you had to stay back in high school to repeat a class, while other moved on, I could not Raise my head up, to even talk or ask question, I felt everyone is thinking, “ this guy is not serious”, this guy no sabi book self”, it was as if the ground should swallow me up. It did not the ground was solid and sure, and I was embarrassed and ashamed.

Moment # 7.

Have you ever being floated by your two brothers following your dad’s instruction, holding you on both ends of your body. Two hand and two legs floating, I was flogged, without mercy. Why? I did not allow my uncle to use the household pressing iron before, my mom said I should, and I was so flogged that I called myself to book and a teen no to do this again, also the cane was so much my dad vowed to himself, not to beat any of his kids like that again ever.



Moment #8.

There is an evil I see, I do not like it. This is me, feeling embarrassed for some persons across the street in my hood. I have seen this happen often. The husband and the wife are dressed up in the same color of attire, then the wife is carrying a baby on her back, another baby in her left hand and the food flask on the right hand. Then the lord of the rings, the head and not the tail of the family, the man is walking gallantly 23 feet ahead of his family, with a big bible in his hand, singing or tonging or praying to clear the way for them to church. I see it today, I resent it, I feel embarrassed to be such a man.

Moment # 9.

When you are young and handsome, and tall, and talented, and then with all these swags, a girl asked you out, chai. It was not a proud thing back in the days, it was embarrassing, hey don’t even ask me what I said, because I am not telling here, now. It’s not a thing you want to discuss with the boys, no never, less you become the mumu of the week’.

Moment # 10.

This happen on the streets of Abuja, Nigeria. I saw this face, we grew up together in the hood. All move up to school and work. Years later in Abuja. And I remember the name, the face. And you call him, and begin to list all landmarks, so that the person will catch up with your memories. And at the end his too cold and slow for the occasion, I wish I have never opened my mouth, it was in public though. Now I will rather let things pass than to be embarrassed that way again.

Moment #11.

There are things in life, events, circumstances that have made you and feel awkward, sad, unrest. They will still come around, I shall do well to add them to this list, share below your most embarrassing moments yet, in the comment section below




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