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How To: Sales Copy Salutation and Letter Opening

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How To: Sales Copy Salutation and Letter Opening.


Dear Reader,


Here is your chance to learn from me how to write so that people buy. So that people read.
There is this feeling of been powerful when you make a post of what you do and people read and they want to interview you.

Or the want to meet with you. You might have the skill to create or have products and service solution. if you dont know how to make people buy into you.

You are not going to find it funny.

Creating sales letters or copywriting or sales copy can be very rewarding and can be very frustrating a task to engage.

I will be sharing words i have use and words i learnt from others sales letter than spur me to buying

and also words the top sales copy experts use. Go ahead and use words that sell. use them in your emails. use them in your proposals. use them in you social media post. classified ads too.



How Salutations Can increase your results

A warm salutation can get you quick rapport. And because in this decade most businesses will be online and most online businesses will be small business. And you would realize the number of undergraduate hat are selling both physical products and services are increasing daily.

As a general rule the more personalize you can make a letter appear the more results.

Salutation that Work

The idea is to gain rapport with the reader:

1. Dear reader,
2. Dear friend
3. Greetings.
4. Hello
5. Good morning.
6. Dear Customer,
7. Dear investor.
8. Dear valued customer.
9. Dear Coach.
10. Dear fellow Coach.
11. Dear internet marketer.
12. Dear lecturer.
13. Dear Fellow.
14. Dear Colleague.
15 Dear Tax payer.
16. Dear neighbor.
17. Hi Dear.
18. Hi.
19 Dear frustrated Blogger.
20. Dear Fellow Nigerian.
21. Dear Fellow Coach.
22. Dear citizen.
23. Dear Nurse.

Salutation is the opening of doors. like the common saying ”manners makes men”

The list can be very endless.
there is a need to say your name. most often persons use first name. but with your first name alone you cannot be google quickly.

When someone meets me in Facebook messenger or WhatsApp and says

”Hi. Im Sam. have you heard of BTS. i get pissed. ad then I ask what’s your full name. they become reluctant.”

Salutation and name introduction are a simple yet result oriented way of gaining rapport.

Attention is what you want to get as soon as possible. let me know what you think. let me see your sample salutation the comment space below. Go ahead and use them on your copy and email and letters.

24. Dear viewer.
25. Dear Status Viewer.
26. Dear Subscriber
27. Dear Madam.

Waiting for your comment.
Oyekan Oyedeji
Aka Coach komi

the next topic How To: Closing A Letter


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