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You will never know. You will never have the experiential knowhow until you try

digital business


Simply because that the rate of change has change. there is a need to diligently seek to learn. gone are the days when we wait for new edition for over 5 to 10 years and more. the frequency of increase in knowledge has made it so quick for things, knowledge and skill to go obsolete.

Hence I have learn to keep abreast of the times in my field both as a sports coach and doing business online. I have had to learn how to build website and blogs and online shop. and now learning more on using page builder.

I have had to learn how to teach website development for the non techy. And using the classic editor in WordPress so that it can be easy for those in my training.

As  coach in Junior basketball. I had to unlearn the old ways of shooting basketball. And learn from scratch how to shoot like a Star from a beginner. Going that road is not very easy though.

But alas its all worth it. Today, before learning we are faced with unlearning, relearning, and overlearning. This over learning is what I refer to as the muscle memory that experts talk about.

There is a need to look inward to ensure you are Learning, unlearning relearning, over learning. WHY?

This is the knowledge economy. Where the ” future belongs to the competent” Brian Tracy. where to rise to greatness boils down to specialization.

we all have 24 hours. Plan it. make time for learning daily through reading blogs, biographies, books of heroes past. watch video tutorial in the area of specialization or business and career.

What we eat goes down into the belly. What we read see and listen. goes down into the mind. or heart. and ”out of the abundance of the heart the mouth speaks”.

2. DO IT.

There is a great need to take all learning further beyond reading watching videos, taking courses, listening to podcast and etc. ” Action speaks louder than words” taking action on all knowledge acquired is what will result in understanding of what works. what is working . what will work. For example im learning more about digital marketing

And the best way to do that Is to go ahead build a web property and do digital marketing. I have had to apply the knowledge of SEO, analytics, social media marketing. goggle ads. etc.

So that I can see what is working for me. and the industry that I have found myself. I can see clearly if content creation in a particular trade or topic will need me to make a video tutorial.

Or maybe its an eBook that will deliver the message properly. I can never say maybe the Nigeria market has gone to listening to podcast shows. until you do it ” You will never know until you try.

I have tested podcast on blogs. I have launch course on my blog. Reason been that its not very easy to manage several websites and blogs, so im finding a path to make sure all i that I do online is under one web property or maybe two at the most.

So what are you doing to the knowledge you are acquiring in school. to the ideas of forex that you are acquiring. if you just study forex trading and you dont invest some real money to see what works! How are you going to give proof of your learning and earning.!


The best way to sell is to sell as if you are not selling. . Maybe im wrong about that. people dont like to be sold. et every body is selling. directly or indirectly. A preacher as he proclaims the gospel is selling the truth to the world around him.

The doctor recommends certain drugs or pharmacy. He his selling his specialty. Tech person launch a website or a social media platform and gives you to create an account for free. Google has never ask you to pay them for the information that their webcralwwers bring to your search.

They are selling from day one.

So I am learning and doing selling. I am reading about it. following bloggers in my industry who make a living selling digital products. i have sold free courses to gain active name and emails.

I have created video tutorials and given it out for free and for a fee. i have given out free download. This blog post is selling to you. if you are read this far it means i have gotten your attention.

Attention is the beginning of all successful selling. i am reading and doling copywriting . email marketing too. When i have collected your emails. i would send you messages that will assist you build your career or business as it relates to digital skills.

That is why i said at the beginning that the best way to sell is to sell like you are not selling.

So you need to sell for free or for fee profit. sell to get back cash or kind. its selling and smiling to the bank. Selling for impact is also selling like the NGOs will do its non profit organization. So its not enough to learn it, do it. its important to sell it for cash or kind.

look inward share with me, how you are doing this in the comment below.


There is a great need for distribution today. you cannot just store everything in your hard drive. I am Learning and doing sharing locally and globally. Im sharing physically and virtually too.

Learning to share to earning audience, low income audience, paying audience.  Learning to share on WhatsApp and other social groups.

What is the use of creating content and leaving them on your drive for who.


Sincerely i dont like to teach. but i found myself with  ability to give understanding to others on what i can do. Not all of us will be born to teach. Some of us inherited the skill. Some of us had the potential lying fallow within. Then an external force came to arouse the potential.

I think teaching has help me to remember twice all that i know. Sometimes when im teaching, that exactly when i see how i could do it better. Even though some person say when you are talking you are not learning, thats for another time to discuss.


” there is a time to do as other wish. there is a time to refuse. know the timing.” im learning to say NO. its the peer pressure of going into the same kind of business as others are doing. Even adults , well grown men and women face peer pressure.

grand parents are under the pressures of seeing their child hood friend’s daughters all married with grand kids  to show. So they descend the pressure on you too.

I am learning to say No to those that want me to come and speak for free. and they will tell you that they will refer others to you.

Take note whoever they refer will likely want a free service also. i have seen this both in digital photography. and other line of business too.


There is a need to weigh the balances of taking a business offer. Say yes and go ahead and learn out to do it the legit way.

i often ask myself this: Worst Case Scenario (WCS). if anything will go wrong. how bad can it be? If i say YES. just like King Solomon said; ”Answer not a fool according to his folly so that you will not be a fool like him. answer a fool according to his folly so that he will not think he his wise”. there is a time to say YES, and there is a Time to say NO.


Find the timing of doing things.


 This simply goes down to both the creator and the consumer. Access to google services are mostly free. Yet we find creators that dont give value when they give free. We find consumers that dont value free products and services. just because they got them free. perspective or how we perceive matters a lot.


Someone said and i totally agree ” Wisdom is the ability to create alternatives”. i didn’t use to agree with most sayings till after a while. for example. when i see a course i want to take online. and the fee is what i cannot invest immediately. i go ahead to seek for that course title one of the free and ‘freemium’ online schools out there get the facts work with it till im able to pay for that course.

So if you cannot afford a regular university now. go school online. if you cannot afford that go school in YouTube. although we need a coach to guide us but when we are starting up. there is a need for self discipline.

Today there is more access to information more than any generation that has  come before us. but there will still be ignorance, uneducated because of many reason. And the major reason is lack of self discipline.

The tenacity of purpose to seat down and get transformational information. Responsibility is the price of greatness.

The response to be disciplined to be determined to be diligent. the responsibility to maintain an ardent desire to sustain the drive towards excellence.



I am learning and improving greatly on my writing. I have learn a better way o see writing beyond becoming an author. Beyond becoming a blogger. beyond business writing. I now see writing as a means of personal branding. documenting and telling experiences along the way.

This year i was able to writing 1000 words and more and less between January 1st to march 31st. Consistently, i set up the goal and challenge as inspired by jamesAltchuter. At the end i wrote over 75,000 words instead of 90,000 words. 


Did i succeed? Yes. Did i hit my target? Nope. did i improve at least by 1%? yes. Now i can write. and i can only get better with more purposeful challenge. This article you are reading, i wrote it in one sitting and its over a thousand words. And im going to post it right away after editing it.


And thats my next challenge. to write edit post share.

let me know in the comment area how yo are learning, doing and seling

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