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the picture below inspired the following thoughts by this very amazing artist.

How can it be, we are indeed made for each other.

A unique balance in nature, the ice to my fire.

U told me to live a colorful life and feel the sun’s warmth.
Yet you sail to world unknown, to the dark frosty land of death.

U told me to soar like an eagle and live free.

Yet u live in the boundary of a box beneath the ground.

How can I enjoy the beauty of this summer night,

when I have not felt the cold hand of your winters touch.

Take my hands, let me set your flesh on the fire of my passion

even as my heart is frozen in the timelessness of your icy kiss.

I’ll cuddle cold death with warm arms and

burning hope in my heart until forever is no more.




Below are my thoughts to this picture challenge

‘Love is a strong as death’

Love will go all the way.

You Lie down in death n grey

I Lay down in Love n green

Love and death are first cousin.

The more I Live
The more I love
The more I die.

Whether I Live
Whether I die

I Love you.

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  1. Hearts aching with burning sorrow,
    Blood flow from a bleeding arrow

    Tonight, I set mine eyes upon you one last time,
    As I lay you below the earth under this moonshine

    I pray our spirits meet again in our next world
    But I fear that will be a long time filled with void.

    To balance this emptiness I feel inside.
    You need not now have died!

    UJ Daniels

  2. Lovin’ you wasn’t a choice left for me to make, either to or not.

    But then you left,

    Before i slept, i prayed to my Lord to be happy then i saw you in my dreams where i pleaded to live forever.

    For your home is my stay
    I prayed to be buried with you as long as i can hold you tight, guess God answered it Amen.

    Lovin’ you is as good as being alive even tho it means death
    Death is not me being buried with ya,
    Death is me without ya.
    Again, i have reconciled with my love.
    Again, i have found my home.


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