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'Not A Curdle , Not a Care.

This is my longest nights ever

A time you cannot await the cockcrow

And You keep checking your phone

its just 01:58 hours.

whether it be twilight or Midnight; it dark

What a night with someone you love’

yet very closely faraway.

Not a curdle, Not a care.

Deep lost away into dream land.

Is this beautiful girl gone like a ‘Gonegirl.’

Gone away gone along with her long straight legs

A tall stretch neck, thick colored Lips.

We are body soul and spirit

We long we hurt we we are wounded

Yet we heal.

When morning dawns with my heavy eyes

wandering the nights. Caution my brother!

God’s delicate creature Eve!


Eve is unpredictably fragile at the moment of truce!

this night!

Every second is like a day

Every hour a week

midnight is like four month to cockcrow

Yet day Star arising in a long n lonely night.

There is two that does not give warmth when together.

Yet ”two cannot walk… except they agree.”


Oyekan Oyedeji June 16th 2016

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