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''When creating content, be the best answer on the internet.'' – Andy Crestodina

types of web content

Dear Reader,

Web Content is the information that you direct towards an end user on the web. And do you know that in web content creation, writing  is the foundation of all web base content? Below is a list of types of content on the web. But read this quote;
”When creating content, be the best answer on the internet.” – Andy Crestodina


online content
web content


Since the early 1990s web content writing, or online content has been on the rise and rise. So if you want someone to read from you today , write on the web. If you want someone to see what you are saying, make web content video. If you want someone to hear what you have to say, make an audio, podcast. Again I say that web content is the information directed towards an end user on the web.  


Quality is what draws attention. In the age of free access to information more than any other generation before us and  since the internet boom. in Other words, the attention span of readers and viewers is very short and dwarf. Mean while, an advert is a form of content to drive traffic or attention to your website. Do you know that the quality of your content and the quantity of your content can bring a lot of viewership and readership? You can literarily channel or direct all the ‘ship of views and reads and hearings’ to your platform? So the sole reason for content is to get attention- readership or viewership? online content


The sole purpose of such content is for sharing knowledge. Write for information that leads to transformation of a web visitor. You can start a freelancing career path by reading this eBook. This is the knowledge or awareness you possess. Its  a form of content generated by you or your ghost writer or your staff under your leadership and instruction. various ways to explore this form of content include:


  • Thought leadership were you share your opinion and point of view in a field on topic.
  • Products reviews where you write or speak on the experience on the use of certain product and services.
  • Top 20 List- where you can write about the list of the best products or services you or your users have experience.
  • How to Articles- Also, this is where you can write about how to do almost anything.
  • Personal Experiences- You can simple create content around your experiences and share with people on your blog.
  • News this is one of the biggest content creation niche. a lot of bloggers are know for this type of content creation niche.
  • Product Comparison this could the same product but version of free Vs Freemium. or two different product have the same function nationality.


  • Case Studies: You can create videos of case studies, articles, infographics. and share on your website. this is gotten from the responses of your users and what you experience.
  • Expert Roundup: – these are mini text interviews with multiple experts. here you are asking a single question to multiple experts.
  • Interviews: You can make recorded videos, split screen format is okay for these. It  can be text interview or live videos, this is when you ask different question to the same experts.
  • Ask me Anything (AMA): You can produce AskMeAnything session as an expert or for experts and go ahead and publish on your blog. This type of content is mostly generated by you and your users.


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Data is the type of content created by users and yourself. and we have templates/worksheet. research and findings. Polls/ Quiz results.
  • Research Findings this types of post attracts backlinks. it can make you look like an expert. it is not easily generated though it involves survey, data mining etc.
  • Templates / Worksheets: You can create a template for collecting data in the area you want to do research
  • Polls/Quiz Results/Surveys: This also make you look very authoritative and an influencer. the type of content that engages the audience immediately. Data calculation attracts attention.
  • Analysis and Data: You can analyze situation and back them up with data proof.


    These are content competition, reviews, submission etc.
  • Content Competition:  You can make videos, photos, articles, memes
  • Contribution and Guest Posting: You can place a link or menus bar on your site and invite people to make post of articles. You can also contribute articles to magazines in your field of endeavor.
  • Comment And User Reaction: You can make a lot content from how people react to your post and what they comment about.
  • Polls And Surveys: You can create polls with instant results. Surveys that people will willingly subscribe to.
  • Groups/ Forums: You can makes groups and forums on social media or your blog tribe, A place where you can get  a lot of content.
  • Wikis: The largest website where content is generated by users.


    This are content generated by you, and other content curators.
  • Collection: Its having the best content from around the world for your user on your platform. You drop a comment and a quote and a link. There is love in sharing.
  • Sharing: You can share useful content with audience on social media and on forums. You can make a list of various post or a single post. It makes you look social, not selfish. publish content from fields you have not even a written about but relates with your industry or topic.


    For example below content delivery ways that we cannot control;
  1. AUDIO: Podcast, online radio.
  2.  VISUAL: Infographics. Images. Sliders. Memes. Interactive charts.
  3. AUDIO VISUAL: Recorded Videos. Animation. Text Animation. Live videos. Screencast.
  4. TEXT: Write ups. Articles on blogs, Adverts classified, Email Content. Printed books, Ebooks. Social media post. etc. But most of these web content can be shared on:
  • APPs.
  • PDF.

Because technology will always drive how we share and distribute content. So this means you cannot control these sharing platforms. It will always evolve. And what you can control is what you put out there for consumption. Hence the is a need to invest in quality and quantity of content. This will help but your top of the funnel and a faster suction power to get leads down the funnel of your web property. Let me know  your thought on content creation. Let me the content method the is best for you ands your audience. Live your comments and question in the chat box below.

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